Behind a bream in early summer

How did we get to the real zhor of the spring bream, during the real snowfall.

Even under the ice, breams are already beginning to prepare for spawning. This is noticeable by the revival of cool. The course of bream begins quite early, somewhere in the beginning of April, sometimes in the middle of this month, since in May this fish begins to spawn. In the southern provinces, this process takes place even earlier.

During the course of the bream, it is not always its active bite on amateur fishing tackle

But once we got to the real zhor of the spring bream. It was in April, and, most surprisingly, the bream eagerly grabbed worms on our donks during a real snowfall. It would seem that the bream is rather thermophilic fish and usually spawns at a water temperature close to twenty degrees, and here a good bite of the bream during a real winter blizzard. However, the bream is still acclimatized at this time to winter conditions. Therefore, I did not really pay attention to the icy water and the snow falling on it.

But the most favorable time for fishing for bream is the beginning of summer

During this period, breams are usually already without caviar. The fish are now eating away after a heavy climb to the upper reaches of the rivers and spawning. And besides the worm, bream can now attract other nozzles. We discovered one of them in a completely unexpected, it would seem, place where you can put on a catch only by chance - on the city beach, more precisely along its edge, closer to the cable-stayed bridge. It was still in his youth, but since then a cube of rye or wheat bread has repeatedly helped out during beaklessness.

It all started with the fact that Vitka from a neighboring house came running to me with perfect round eyes. They have him and so a little bulging. And here it’s just like steel owl.

- Sanya, I’ve just run from the cable-stayed bridge. A guy there catches bream on some spring, and drags one after another on the snacks of scammers! For bread.

- Yes, stop pouring. What a guy’s bream ">

A neighbor fisherman also caught scavengers with about the same frequency as us. But his other two zakidushki “were silent”, there was not a single bell ringing. And suddenly ... The fishing line with a rather large brass bell jerked sharply and the bell rang unexpectedly in a deep and melodious ringing. And the fisherman began to prey on some large fish. It was a bream weighing about two kilograms ... I did not know that there is such a fish in our river.

Turns out the angler’s tackle was unusual

Then he showed us a cunning snap, which was a spring with boiled semolina, into which hooks of leashes were driven into. There is a similarity to fishing on the top and on the flat method, where hooks can also be inside the bait and at the same time the bait.

These bites were rare, but only large fish took them.