Every fishing net should have an inspector with a ruler?

Amateur fishermen are already being fined for new rates for catching “substandard” fish, and has this already affected net owners?

I don’t know how it will be on the Volga this year, but in March last year near Korotnaya, for example, the river, far and wide, was blocked off by fishing nets. And the devil will understand them, where they legally fish, and where not. And while I was there, I’ve never seen valiant fish conservation officials checking these net owners. I have never seen such a picture. Maybe it looked bad? Didn’t make out?

But everywhere right on the shore, so to speak, without departing from the cash register, fresh fish taken out of the nets are permanently sold at a market price or even a little lower. And on the “Dubova”, and on the highway near Arda, and opposite Kozmodemyansk - everywhere there is a market trade in variously sized fresh fish. Small - cheaper, large - more expensive. Fishermen who are not lucky take the fish in kilograms. Sellers do not have time to count money. And nowhere have I seen law enforcement officers actively interested in such a free market.

Against this background, the emergence of new fees for calculating the damage caused to aquatic biological resources, which, apparently, will not affect childish amateur fishermen, does not look strange, but even somehow provocative . It may be a shame to a fisherman, who was valued by valiant fish conservation workers for a good amount, while there are much more fish caught next to nets, but fines aren’t discussed ">

And in stores, it happens, they sell “substandard” fish, which no one, for sure, measured. Probably because, by measuring it, you will cause tangible damage to retail chains? And this, apparently, is fraught with some trouble? There we are talking about big money, but where is the money - is there another countdown of reality?

With a lone fisherman it will be easier to handle. He was fined according to the law - and all for a short time. Nothing will die of hunger for him, even if he gives all his pension or salary to pay off the fine. The neighbors will feed, our people are warm-hearted, they will respond. And do not fish without a ruler in your pocket. Law is law. Laws are not fools to accept.

Here deputies and other high bosses, in between socially useful activities, can fish without fear. With their salaries, all these fines - pah, and nothing more. Unless the beluga is caught by chance, there will be a significant penalty, even for the deputy, but not fatally. Yes, and the Beluga we have almost no left in the Volga. So what is the conversation about?