Catching rattan in spring

It’s spring in the yard, it’s already warm outside, but at night the temperature drops to 2-5 degrees Celsius, so spending the night by the river or by the lake without a fire is simply unthinkable. Rivers have not yet entered the banks, although some fishermen go out with one hook (according to the rules of spring fishing, which may vary in different regions) and successfully catch roach and bleak for a worm or caddis flies. And the perch bites, but not as often and eagerly as we would like. What to do if you want to go fishing for a predator in the spring? Yes, everything is simple - go for a spring ratan.

Finding a rattan in the spring is simple: just visit the rotan lake and start fishing immediately. You won’t need a long rod, because in spring (in principle, in summer, too), a rotan prefers to stay near the shore, and sometimes it was possible to catch fish at 300 grams literally from a depth of 50 centimeters. Optimum will be a rod no more than 5 meters. Fishing line - 0.22-0.3 mm., A hook with a long forearm and a float. By some grace, the tackle on a rotan does not shine, but this in no way affects the bite. An ordinary worm is used as bait. Note that spring fishing on the rotan is running, i.e. have to look for fish. The term SEARCH does not mean the search for fish itself, but the search for credits, since if there is a ratan in the lake, then it will be pecking for sure. But the whole trouble is that even a little fish with a little finger can literally swallow a hook to the tail, you have to spend a lot of time to extract it. So you have to wander from one place to another. As soon as a small ratan began to come across, and if for 10-15 minutes the little thing continues to attack the worm, it is better to change the place. Please note that you can return to your previous place after some time and get a decent fish. This is explained by the fact that a large rattan can go to the place where a trifle is actively piling up.

When catching a rotan, long casting is not required. Often, in the spring, rotan is caught 2-3 meters from the coast, especially well if the entire coastal zone is littered with branches and reeds. These are just the favorite parking spots for rattan. Having thrown the tackle, you need to wait about a minute, if there is no bite, move the float a little, repeat this manipulation several times. Rotan must be provoked to attack. Rattan pecks hard and quite actively, but sometimes its pecking is not determined at all. And if you gape with a bite, then most likely the hook will be specifically swallowed. In order not to waste time fishing, you need to prepare several leads with hooks in advance, and just cut off the swallowed hook. At home or after fishing, the hook can be reached. As a rule, in the spring, a rotan pecks so that hooking is practically not required - you notice the movement or immersion of the float, boldly drag the tackle ashore, in 90% of cases the rotan will be hooked. One worm can be caught long enough. There is no need to hide the sting of the hook, the main thing is that at least a piece of the worm is on the hook, well, do not forget about the constant twitching - this is the key to successful fishing on the rattan.

The meat of rotan is white, tasty, almost no bones. If you catch large fish, you are guaranteed excellent roast. Moreover, the taste of rotaning meat, in our opinion, is sometimes even more pleasant than the meat of perch, but this, as they say, is our personal opinion. Rotan can be fried, dried, dried, and even smoked.

So, keep in mind that in the spring you can go fishing quite actively and efficiently, filling the cage with black rattan, sometimes biting so that you just don’t notice the surrounding reality. It seems that an hour has passed, and in reality it’s already three hours, as the fishing goes.

Rotting fishing is especially interesting for beginner fishermen, since finding a lake or a pond with a rattan is not a problem, but on a good spring day, biting will be guaranteed.

All the best to you.

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