Snakehead Fishcakes

The recipe for the most delicious fish cutlets from snakehead fish.

Snakehead belongs to the genus Snakehead from the family of Snakeheads. In appearance, body shape, coloring snakeheads really resembles a large snake.

The snakehead is very similar to a python, but its body length is much less. It rarely exceeds one meter in length, but specimens up to 10-17 kg are found in weight. Snakehead is a predator, it is active mainly at night. Previously, this fish was found only in the reservoirs of the Far East, but later mastered the rivers and lakes of Central Asia, and appeared in other regions. By 2013, I reached the water bodies of the United States.

Fish can live at a very low oxygen content in the water, but should be able to breathe atmospheric oxygen. For this, in addition to her gills, she has special organs for atmospheric respiration. The body of the snakehead is covered not only with scales, but also with a layer of mucus. It helps fish travel long distances overland. In the dry season, snakeheads can arrange special shelters in the bottom sediments, where they wait for drought.

The meat of the snakehead is white and tasty, in most dishes fillet without skin is used. The skin is removed with a stocking or two stripes, making two cuts along the dorsal fin. To remove the skin from the snakehead use pliers. You can cook from the meat of a snakehead eastern salad he, aspic. You can fry and bake it. But experts say that the most delicious snakehead meat dish is cutlets, and the skin should not be skinned. To taste, snakehead cutlets are similar to a natural tender and juicy pork cutlet, they have almost no fishy smell. If you managed to catch or buy a snakehead, then here's a recipe for juicy cutlets.

Recipe for Juicy Snakehead Cutlets

To prepare 4-5 servings of snakehead fish cutlets, you need:

1kg fillet with skin (or without);

100 g of onions;

100 g of lard pork;

50 g of white bread;

2-3 g ground pepper;

5-6 g of salt or to taste;

flour or breadcrumbs for breading;

dry herbs optional;

cooking oil.

1. To clean the snakehead for cutlets, you must first rinse off the mucus with warm water. Using a napkin, grip the fish firmly by the tail and remove the scales with a knife towards the head. Then cut the belly and remove all internal organs. Cut off the head and then use it for fish soup or fish soup. Rinse and dry the carcass without scales, head and entrails.

2. Cut the fish into two halves with a sharp knife. On one of them remains the spinal bone, which also needs to be cut. It turns out two loin parts. They need to be cut into smaller pieces so that they freely pass into the feed opening of the meat grinder.

3. Also chop lard, onion. Soak the bread in water or milk, then squeeze the excess liquid out of it.

4. Skip the fish fillet, lard, onion, bread through a meat grinder.

5. Stuffing salt and pepper to taste. Stir the minced meat.

6. Form cutlets. Bread them in breadcrumbs or flour.

For a richer flavor, you can add a few pinches of dry basil or other herbs to the breading.

7. Heat the oil in a skillet. Put the meatballs.

Fry cutlets on both sides.

On each side up to 8 - 9 minutes. Then you can hold the patties under the lid for 3-4 minutes.

Snakehead cutlets are ready, bon appetit!

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