How to get to asp

The asp often hunts at such a distance from the coast, where not to throw a light surface wobbler. In this case, the Sbirulino float, borrowed from trout fishing enthusiasts, will help. In this article, the topic of asp fishing is well disclosed.

The narrow back of the fish rips up the water surface, the tail fin whips foam on the water, small fish scatter like a fan. Sanya and I peer intently into the water. Large fish constantly slap their tails in the middle of a flock of little things. Water literally boils from asp, but we have not a single bite. With our small spinning lures and light spinning rods, it is impossible to get a predator in the middle of the river. Full of despair, we watch the asp chasing, and we have no chance of success. At home, this fish does not get out of my head. For several days now, the asp has been hunting every morning on the field between the buns at a distance of 90 m. But how to throw our baits there?

Wonderful idea

The idea literally pierced me when, when disassembling my fishing stocks, a box with Sbirulino floats fell into my hands. It contained models of various masses, which I usually use to catch trout. Maybe we can get to the asp with the help of these "long-range guns" ">

After several spectacular throws, which Sanya skillfully countered, the magnificent asp was in the net. Thanks to Sbirulino that day, we were able to catch a few more asps. The Sbirulino float was invented in Italy specifically for trout fishing in lakes, but it can also be used for asp fishing. This float is especially interesting when you need to fish with a shallow light bait at a great distance. Here Sbirulino serves as a sinker for casting. In fishing stores you can buy various models of this float. If the asp hunts on the surface, then the floating Sbirulino is ideal, but if the fish is in the water column at a depth of several meters, it is better to use a slowly diving float. Sbirulino is used primarily where long casts are required: in the fields between the buns on the rivers, on the old riverbeds with a moderate flow and in the waters of the ports. However, it is difficult to catch on rivers with a strong current with the Sbirulino float, because it is quickly picked up by the current and carried away from the place of fishing. But in stagnant water Sbirulino can be used almost everywhere.

Easy installation

Installation of equipment for asp fishing is very simple. First, the Sbirulino float is put on the main line with the barrel-shaped body down. Then follows a small bead, which is designed to protect the node. The leash and the main line are connected to each other through three swivels, they are necessary so that the main line and the leash do not overlap during posting. A leash about 100 cm long is attached to the swivel carabiner, to the end of which an artificial bait is tied. The main fishing line is either a “braid” 0.12 mm thick or a “monophile” with a diameter of 0.20 mm. Braided fishing line has the advantage that the angler always has direct contact with the bait. Due to the lack of extensibility of such fishing line, the hook immediately bites into the mouth of the fish when it bites. For a leash use monofilny fishing line with a diameter of 0.18 mm. I choose the color of the Sbirulino float depending on the conditions in the pond. If the water is cloudy and you have to catch halfway, I take Sbirulino black. On the contrary, when the water is clear and I catch on the surface, then a Sbirulino float with a transparent body is used. The mass of Sbirulino floats depends on how far I have to throw the rig. Sbi Floats rulino weighing from 8 to 40 g can be purchased at most fishing stores.

Quick wiring

Now we need the appropriate rod. Now special rods for fishing with the Sbirulino float have appeared on the market. But the usual is quite suitable. I use a spinning rod about 3 m long with a test of 60 g. It makes it easy to cast bait with Sbirulino. Immediately before hitting the float on the water surface, I slightly slow down the fishing line, pressing it with my index finger to the side of the spool, so that the leash could straighten up in the air and the bait flew in front. If the asp is halfway, you need to wait some time for the equipment to reach the desired depth. The asp in most cases only responds to a very quickly held bait, so the fishing line should be exhausted quickly. This requires an inertia-free coil with a large gear ratio (6: 1 or more).

Step on your heels

If the bites are very sluggish, you can occasionally make short jerks with the tip of the rod. You should always look for the center of the "boiler", where the asp hunts on the surface. This place is first thrown, then to lead the bait through a hunting flock. Never throw the bait directly into the center of the "battle" - in this case, the fish just scatter. After one or two asps are caught, it may happen that the flock suspects something is amiss and leaves. Often, she then begins to hunt near another buna or a few meters from her former place. Therefore, when fishing for asp, it is desirable to have light equipment to constantly move behind the flock. Asp can be caught on a variety of baits, but I prefer small ones with a small weight of their own, which are shallow when surface fishing.

Tease asp on the surface

Streamers are excellent surface baits, which I willingly use when asp asp hunts on the surface for fry. For fishing in muddy water I take bright-colored streamers, and for white and silver - I catch in clear water. Streamers can be quite large, because the asp has a large mouth. I prefer models that are designed for catching pike or salmon.


A small spinner with a rapidly rotating petal that creates many turbulences in the water, ideal for asp fishing. The choice of color depends, in my opinion, on the light. So, on sunny days, I catch on silver baubles. In the evening, the petals of green color are especially attractive to fish. My universal spinner, which I managed to catch good fish at any time of the day, has a silver-black petal and a red tassel on the tee.

Floating jig head

Soft plastic lures in combination with floating jig heads are very well suited for asp fishing with Sbirulino float. A vibro-tail 7 cm long or a 10-centimeter twister are mounted on the hook. When using soft plastic lures, the rule is true: muted paints for clear water, bright colors for muddy ones.