Common carp in spring for match tackle

Spring is a time of changeable weather, contrasting temperatures, both water and air. Today, the spring sun can burn, reaching at noon almost summer air temperatures. And tomorrow it may snow. Same thing with water. In the coastal strip on a sandbank, the water can warm up to 15 degrees. And a little further, behind the pit edge, at a depth the water temperature is still quite winter.

Where and when they start to catch carp in the spring

The heat-loving carp does not really like spring water, which is colder than 10 degrees. And during this period, the biting of the carp is episodic, with different activities. But spring is a time of rapid change. And now stable heat is coming, and with a constant air temperature of about 20-25 degrees of heat, the water temperature rises to the optimum 15-16 degrees . And now the carp is becoming active almost like a summer.

Fishing on the carp is, of course, discovered by the Lower Volga. There is a high density of this fish, spring comes much earlier than on the middle Volga. And the carp, first of all, goes to the floods. Here, the water is warmer and there is a lot of food, since all living creatures were under high spring water. Waterlogged meadows, coppices, flow-eriks, bushes overgrown with meadows - all this can become the scene of a battle with this beautiful and strong fish. And here the main role is played by a floating snap fishing rod, where match tackle may be preferable to a more elegant lapdog.

Match tackle

Match gear is similar in design to Bologna running equipment, only here all the elements are more massive, as well as heavier loading. All this makes the match a durable and long-range gear, which is just suitable for catching carp. Probably, under certain conditions, the feeder would be more practical if it was a question of fishing in a deep channel with a strong current. But in flood meadows the match will be more convenient as a tackle.

Match rods

Match rods are distinguished by the frequent arrangement of access rings on the blank. Their number can be 16 pieces per rod. The length of the rod is calculated in feet, where forms of 13-14 feet are considered the most common. Translating into meters, we get the numbers 3.9-4.2 meters. For the farthest castings, five-meter rods are used. All match rods consist of three sections. The reel seat on the match rod are screw type. Test indicators and system are designed for loading equipment weighing up to 25 grams. Athletic fishers also use heavier rigs, the weight of which can reach 35 grams. In addition, athletes use longer rods.

Match coils

Match reels are distinguished by a wide and shallow spool, which is designed for a thin fishing line. In addition, the match reel spool has a sufficiently large reel diameter. This is necessary so that the fishing line does not deform and does not turn into a kind of spring, which could complicate the casting and negatively affect its range.

Despite its low weight, match coils have sufficient strength. Therefore, many fishermen using Bologna equipment, also adopt match reels. There are models of match coils with a gear ratio of 7: 1. These are high speed sport fishing reels. They are quite expensive and serve to quickly reel the fishing line.

Fishing line

Match fishing line is sinking. This is an undeniable advantage in long cast fishing. But at the same time, such a fishing line is slightly inferior in strength to ordinary monophilic fishing lines. When buying match fishing line in a store, you should be guided by the labeling “sinking” . Distinguishes match fishing line and its color. Usually the fishing line for a match is painted in dark colors, which makes marking when casting more noticeable. Namely, marking is the most correct way to mark the desired casting length. In the clip, clippings of the fishing line are not uncommon.

Carp fishing equipment

For spring fishing, carp is used with heavy floats of the Wagler type. These floats can reach a length of 35 cm and even half a meter. Floats are divided into types where, in one embodiment, a float with a constant load is presented, and another view is a float with screw fastening, where you can screw additional washers for loading.

Nozzles and bait

Catching carp in the spring is made for the worm and corn. Bonduelle canned corn is preferred. She is more juicy and tender.