On a leash with live bait

An important feature of autumn fishing. On a leash with a snare bait. Feeder tackle.

Probably, there is no better time for fishing than quiet sunny days and cold nights in the placer of stars of the “Indian summer” period. Let nature seem to freeze in a sweet and fearful scumbag in the face of imminent cold, gray ice fogs and drizzling days and nights with autumn rains and drizzles. But this time is filled with a sense of solemnity and astringent smoke, even if nothing is burned, with the piercing smell of cold grass in the meadows and bitter foliage, gilded birch groves over quiet water. Over the river, frozen in the morning and gray-haired from hoarfrost, leisurely goshawk hawks are circling, and a gray-haired owl is “buzzing” somewhere in the dark spruce. This is the main thing in the current hasty and mercantile routine. More philosophers, writers and fishermen of past centuries wrote about the great and at first glance invisible, but enchanting power of nature. And all that was important in the 19th century remained so, only computers, navigators and fish disappeared in our rivers and lakes ...

An important feature of autumn fishing

Of course, one should not forget about such an important feature of autumn fishing - there are almost no mosquitoes ... Yes, yes, let the fisherman be accustomed to this Russian misfortune on our rivers and lakes, but how many joyful minutes these bloody flocks of bloodsuckers spoil! ..

So, autumn fishing

After the September troubles with the new school year and work, we decided to shake hands with a friend and go somewhere far away. Tired of kebabs on the banks of our suburban river, and even alien carp that climbed from the Volga and then remained in our modest waters. These silvery and powerful fishes, which are called American in the Volga Delta - buffalo - climbed Malaya and Bolshaya Kokshaga to our forest places and began to peck greedily and uncompromisingly in the spring, summer and Indian summer. But fishing in the city, in the end, was tired of the noise of "civilization", the cries of the walking public, and the crucian carp had already left, took less and less. And Pasha and I decided to visit Rutka. In spring, bream, ide, roach-sorghum usually spawn on this tributary of the Volga. True, as the running time ends, so the fish here takes worse and worse, but who knows, maybe something is biting now? In autumn, the predator should take in the whirlpools and bays of this tributary of the Volga. In a word, let's go, as usual in Russia, to look for good from good ...

On Rutka - complete silence

As expected, all self-respecting "linen" rests on the vast expanses of the Cheboksary reservoir. But there should be a lot of local settled fish on Rutka. There, at times someone’s heavy tail strikes under the shore. True, while our fishing rods came across only small shores and perches. The hodgepodge with a palm was already considered decent prey.

I did not even react to one of the hasty bites, probably the next small patch. It was too lazy to raise the fishing rod because of the pot-bellied little thing ... But then the fishing rod pulled so hard that it pulled me off the chair. The fishing rod bent and some large fish twitched on the fishing line. Pike! .. I had to pull it without ceremony. After all, there is no metal leash, it will cut it off. And for sure - cut it off, but already on the shore.

After catching the pike, Pasha and I built bait fishing rods

They gathered to bait them in small lanes from the cage, but they all swam upstairs. The water is still warm, although in the fall, the fish did not survive the crowded crowded cage. I had to scratch my turnips. And there was a way out. Of the feeders made gear with a retractable leash, where a meter-long leash was crowned by a large hook with a snare bait. Known, catchy gear. True, silicone blenders usually served as bait, and recently, edible rubber baits.

But even the raisers worked quite efficiently, sparkling and hesitating during the wiring over a sinker walking along the sandy bottom. Pasha and I pulled out four good pikes in the morning. And this trip to Rutka, although not at the time, did not become empty. Pike helped out ...

Such tackle has already helped out, only in spring fishing. And also by chance everything somehow happened. After one of the hasty bites of a small patch, I began to choose a fishing line of a zakidushka to change the bait, which was probably eaten by the bottom trifle, when suddenly the fishing line became heavy and a pike grabbed violently on it, grabbing a roach on the go. Then we also began to plant wooded carpenters and catch a pike either with a running donka or with a lead. And most likely, both of them in one person.