Catch rates

So we again waited for the time when the catch standards will be determined for us from the high stands of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the well-known Federal Fisheries. It didn’t work out with paid fishing, so it’s enough to squeeze it so that life does not seem like a paradise for a Russian person. And for fish surveillance, the scope for corruption is becoming wider. It’s easier for them to fine a fisher-amateur who is sitting on the shore with a fishing rod than to chase boats with motors for a hundred forces or “electric pointers” to track down - the destroyers of all living things.

That's how much I remember, we always make the fishermen a shortcut. Do not dare touch the people's good, take your hands off the sterlet! This is for the regional and trade union committees. And it was not so long ago, at the time of the Soviet regime. Sterlet, sturgeon and caviar then burst Communists in ranks. And you don’t dare, even if you catch with a fishing rod. Why the hell did you do it ! .. You’ll not find roach skinny then in stores. Unless in the market from under the floor they will offer, but openly it is impossible - speculation. Only the fisherman could taste fresh fish, directly from the river, however, the so-called weed: perch, carp. Well, - pike, of course, zander. This is already a delicacy.

Now, little has changed. The Communists changed their clothes and remained in the same chairs. And they also beat on the hands, they say, don’t bother. This is ours, and you go get the bleak out by fishing rod, but don’t dare to sterlet - we’ll plant it. And most importantly, the fish inspector goes to work, like on a holiday, to scoop up anglers and extort vodka, while the poachers choose nets under their noses, or they even set up service nets requisitioned. We have seen enough of this. Not only are all tributaries blocked by nets in spring, and it seems that they are not available for fishing supervision, they are now catching them in the Volga channels with licenses, scooping up everything alive in the spring spawning ban, when an ordinary fisherman can’t even go ashore in a boat.

This is all, of course, emotions, you still need to somehow protect the fish.

Now essentially ...

As our benefactors promise, already at the end of the first spring month, that is, the other day or at the beginning of April, the daily fishing standards will be brought to the Russian fisherman, which will become the Rules, as they say, forever.

Here, however, doubts are encompassed: how can this not be corrected due to the changing situation and conditions on water bodies ">

Daily catch rates

Daily rates of fish catch already existed in a certain general aspect, that is, without taking into account the characteristics of the region and the reservoirs that are in this particular place. Now, for each Russian corner, these standards will be separate. And here we can agree. It is impossible to compare the great Siberian river with any forest river twenty meters wide or with the city mud river.

Judging by fragmentary information, the norms will be determined by other biological resources, obviously, by the catch of crayfish.

Penalties for catch violations

As it always has been, the fulfillment of the requirements of the rules and norms will be supervised by the inspectors of the fish conservation. Penalties for violations are expected to be within five thousand rubles with a lower bar of two thousand. In addition, violators face the confiscation of a small vessel and gear.

What to do if you caught one huge fish that exceeds the daily catch rate by weight ">