Cooking Burbot

Burbot - an unusual fish, which in the singular represents sea cod and other cod in our fresh waters. This night predator, in addition to its strange habits, spawning in the fiercest cold and being vigorous in icy water, also has an unusual taste, very similar to the taste of other river fish. Tender burbot meat is suitable for almost any dish in which this fish will be delicious. And especially tender and tasty is the burbot of the liver, which can be cooked even in the form of paste, not to mention the simple ear, where the burbot is also not surpassed by any fish, with the exception of the king of fish, the sturgeon and its relatives.

Fishing for burbot may be the easiest, but the main condition for its capture is strict seasonality and water temperature. This nocturnal predator is caught only in cold water, which means in winter, early spring and late autumn (you can read it here or here). Only during these periods can you catch and eat this delicious fish. Another feature can be called “dead” deepthroat burbot of any bait, when it is useless to let even small burbot be into the water. This predator rarely comes across the lip, only in the deepthroat. Therefore, when fishing, you need a folding knife to free the hook or take spare leashes with you.

Burbot fried

Despite the apparent simplicity of this fish dish, there are some features of its preparation. First of all, the taste of the cooked burbot directly depends on the freshness of the fish, which, due to its tender meat, quickly loses its freshness, aroma and can deteriorate faster than other fish if it is not possible to bring the burbot home alive. This burbot is similar to catfish. Therefore, when fishing, it is better not to engage in surgical operations to remove the hook from its hard throat or stomach, but to leave these manipulations for later and get the hook when cutting the fish. And on the zakidok or other donka the leashes should be made replaceable, that is, they should be fastened to the fastener. He unfastened the leash and set another. Fast and the fish will live longer in the cage or on the cook.

It is better to cut this slippery fish in sirloin gloves, otherwise the knife can easily slip on your hand. After cutting, salted burbot pieces can be rolled not in flour, but in semolina. It is better to keep the tender burbot skin under a golden brown crust, and the fish will not pester the pan, even if the pan is not very high quality.

After browning in a pan with vegetable or olive oil, burbot slices lined with onion rings can be slightly extinguished with the addition of water, no more than 5 minutes. Fans of tender and soft fish can make burbot even more tender if put out by smearing pieces of fish with sour cream or mayonnaise. If you like crispy fish, then you need to fry over medium heat and without any stewing.

Be sure next to pieces of fish, a luxurious burbot of liver is also fried, along with rings of onion-turnip. The onion is added a little later than the fish, when the pieces are turned upside down.

Smoked burbot

In such a delicious performance burbot can be cooked pretty quickly. If you want hot smoked fish, the burbot wedges are salted, and then liquid smoke is applied to them with a cotton swab or sponge. After that, the fish is placed in the oven for an hour, at a minimum fire mode or slightly stronger than the minimum. If there is time, then before you put the fish in the oven, it can be slightly sodden. From this smoked fish will be more golden and delicious. Just do not salt the burbot slices in the same way as when salting roach and bream, that is, by rubbing a large amount of salt against the scales. It will turn out a strong overshot. After all, after salting, we can no longer soak the fish in water. And for salting it’s enough to salt the pieces with a pinch, as if you were about to eat these pieces, that is, a little bit. In the oven, this “little bit” will become the norm.

Cold smoked burbot

When using liquid smoke, the smokehouse, of course, is not used, but the cooking time, as well as when cold smoked in the smoke from smoldering sawdust, increases, when compared with the preparation of hot smoked burbot in the oven. But the process is even simpler. It is only necessary to salt the pieces of fish, brush with liquid smoke and let the fish dry for 3 days. You will get cold-smoked fish, which does not differ in taste from fish cooked in the smokehouse (by the way, I wrote about three ways of cold-smoked fish on the shore, if you are interested, read the article "Cold-smoked fish"). As was shown in the example of mackerel, smoked mackerel smoked with liquid smoke was tastier than a mackerel.

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