Catching rotan, tricks

Probably many have heard of rotan. And it will not be a secret to anyone that today rotan is already perceived somewhat differently than, for example, 10-15 years ago. I remember the first time I saw a rattan, I even had a feeling of disgust. However, gradually the attitude to this fish changed radically, especially after it was possible to fish on a ratan in winter from ice, on a sheer spinner. Indescribable sensations, because if a rotan pecks, then it pecks securely, walks in flocks, and some individuals can weigh under 200-400 grams, it is very pleasant to drag such a fish. If we talk about the gastronomic characteristics of rotan, then, as for my taste, it is in no way inferior to a perch. The meat of rotan is white, there are almost no bones, tender. And you can fry it, and sluggish.

Catching rattan

So now the ice has already left the reservoirs, and you can start fishing in open water. We have several Rotan lakes where any fisherman will always be with a catch, of course, the question of the size of trophies is unpredictable, but biting is almost always noted. And the one who caught the rattan, or saw the boys dragging these fish literally from the shore, then noticed that it is worth a little gape with the hook, as the ratan swallows the tackle so deep that it is almost impossible to remove the hook after. Or you have to pull it out, or just cut it off so that you can remove the hook at home. And to prevent this from happening, there are only two tips:

As soon as you notice that the float has begun to move, you need to hook. The thing is that rotan (even large) often pecks very sluggishly, gently (it can drown the float and take it to the side, or it can only slightly wiggle it). The fisherman is waiting for the moment to hook, and the hook is already swallowed completely.

And the second - you need to correctly configure the float tackle in order to be able to see the bite as quickly as possible. It is when catching rotan that is very important, as it will help you save time, and your nerves will be at rest. What can I say, if we talk about attentiveness when catching a rattan, definitely, there will be misses on your part, since you can’t keep track of everything. Sometimes he pecks so carefully that the illusion is created that the float just moves in the wind. But you can tune the tackle a bit so that you can somehow make the tackle more sensitive. This applies specifically to catching rotan, since this fish is low-risk, reckless, shows interest in movement, respectively, even if the tackle is a little rough, it doesn’t worry much about rotan. And the secret is simple: if while fishing for bream and roach I put a few loaded pellets, and at the same time, it is important to keep a certain distance of the first weight from the hook (so as not to frighten the fish), then when trying to catch a rattan I try to use one or two pellets, and put them at a distance from the hook about 4-5 centimeters. Such a proximity of the pellets to the hook does not scare the firebrand, but when biting, the float almost immediately begins to win back, which is visible from the outside. Tackle is simple to madness, but catches perfectly. And most importantly, it allows you to notice the bite earlier, and the rattan still does not have time to completely swallow the hook, although there are "misses" here.

In general, catching a rattan is interesting. Indeed, here, as when catching other types of fish: someone hunts for the “fry”, but you can purposefully fish in large fish. A large ratan is gorgeous.

Good luck and all the best.

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