Self-made silicone lure

The process of self-manufacture of silicone baits. Necessary fixtures and supplies.

Recently, many anglers have become interested in the independent manufacture of silicone baits.

Pros and Cons of Making Silicone Lures

Homemade lures have both pros and cons. The main advantage of such baits, which attracts most fishermen, is the rather low cost, when compared with the original, the handmead is 4-8 times cheaper, depending on the brand. The main disadvantage is the large investment of time and complexity during the development of casting skills and the selection of favorite colors. Whether it's worth it or not, everyone decides for himself.

What will be required to make baits:

  • molds for casting and clamps for their fixation;
  • silicone;
  • paints, sparkles and attractants;
  • syringe;
  • mask or respirator, gloves.

Molds for casting and clamps for their fixation

Today you can cheaply buy ready-made matrices for lures of any well-known brands, so you should not bother with their manufacture. On the Internet you can find a shape for your favorite bait in the right size. This form is bought once and it is almost impossible to spoil it. As clamps, you can use large office clothespins, or clothespins for joiners.

Silicone for lures

Lure casting silicone is sold by different manufacturers. The most popular is Silix, although by and large the manufacturer does not matter. There are softer and harder grades of silicone, here everyone chooses for himself. Some anglers prefer remelting finished silicone baits. To do this, you can use the old rubber torn by the teeth of a predator, bait without tails, etc. For casting ultralight lures, you can buy three-inch fish of the desired color for remelting. But most homeowners prefer ready-made silicone.

Paints, sparkles and attractants

Paints and sparkles can also be easily bought on the Internet. At the same time, manufacturers usually do not skimp on information on how to achieve the desired color. Such information is provided in the form of tables with proportions of silicone, paints and sparkles. So at the initial stage you can choose the most popular colors, then there’s already a flight of fancy and a place for experiments. The main thing that you need to understand when choosing color is that when solidified, the silicone becomes lighter. Attractants are added at will, there is no exact information about their benefits.

Special attention should be paid to the syringe

Ideally, it should be made of fluoroplastic. This material holds the temperature very well, silicone in such a syringe does not solidify for a long time, and when solidified it does not stick to the walls. Ftoroplastovye syringes are expensive and at first you can do with a medical glass syringe. In no case should you use disposable plastic syringes, they melt upon contact with hot silicone.

A mask, a respirator and gloves are safety equipment.

Hot silicone releases harmful fumes, and breathing them is highly undesirable. Gloves are needed to protect the skin from burns with molten silicone.

Now about the manufacturing process of silicone baits

First you need to prepare the forms. It is advisable to lubricate both parts with fish oil or sprinkle with a special silicone spray so that hot silicone does not stick to them. Then both parts of the matrix are connected and fixed with a clamp. Silicone, paint, sparkles and attractant are added to the cup in the desired proportion. For example, on 30 ml of silicone, three drops of purple paint, 10 drops of attractant. All this goes to the microwave. The heating time depends on the capacity of the furnace, it is necessary that the silicone does not start to burn out. Usually 1.5-2 minutes are enough for melting. Hot silicone foams slightly, it's not scary. It must be quickly and thoroughly mixed and put into a syringe. Then, silicone is poured into the matrix from the syringe. After 30-40 seconds, the finished silicone bait can be removed and dumped in cold water. From one fluoroplastic syringe, 4-6 baits are obtained, depending on their size. If the silicone began to harden, it must be re-sent to the microwave. In an hour, with a certain dexterity, you can pour about 100 lures.

You can make a new batch.

With good silicone and matrices in the form of bait, they turn out no worse than purchased ones.

And if you experiment with color, then you can pick it up over time.

It is advisable to write down the recipe every time so that the next time it is possible to make baits close in color.

As you see, there are no special secrets in independent casting. And this work is not at all difficult and is within the power of everyone. Experiment with lures and NLF.

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