Rotan Fishing Notes

Some notes on catching rotan (beginners)

We have a number of lakes where you can’t go in the summer. The thing is that almost all approaches are very swampy. In addition, the car should be left about a kilometer from the lake itself. So fishing there in the summer is a rare occurrence. Meanwhile, the lake is famous for tench, crucian carp and rattan. It is so customary in our company that every winter on the first ice we go to those lakes to fish on the rattan. I must admit that sometimes there is such a rotan that it breaks a 0.2 mm line, although this is most likely due to the friction of the forest on the edge of the hole.

A few words about how in winter we go to these lakes. Since the area is swampy, there is always a risk of swimming. Therefore, we bought with ordinary hunting skis, thanks to which the distance per kilometer is overcome with a bang. In addition, the legs practically do not fall into the snow, but on ice in such skis it is quite convenient, the area is increasing, so it is also somewhat safe. True, it should be said that we mounted the ski mount in such a way that the foot freely slides the ski if necessary, without any efforts and any additional manipulations. All this only so that in case of falling under the ice, you can quickly get rid of skis. In general, before going on the ice, you always need to remember and understand all safety precautions and know what to do if you fail. This rule must be strictly observed. One of our team failed in due time, and even if we don’t go beyond the rotan deeper than 1.5 meters, but there’s little pleasant. There is panic and all the components of stress.

So, it is on the first ice for some reason that the most excellent rotan pecks. And if you haven’t tried fried rotan yet, if you disdain this fish, then I’ll notice that once you try to rotan meat, doubts immediately begin to creep in: “What is better perch, why didn’t you catch rattan before?”. If Rotan bites, then his nibble is greedy and reliable. It rarely comes off the hook, it is necessary to try. The principle of fishing is available to both experienced fishermen and beginners; no special game methods are required. Rotan is either there or not. And if he is and “His Majesty” deigns to peck today, then only your tiredness and time will be the reason that it is time to end fishing. On the first ice, rotan should be searched by the same rules as perch: do not go deep, stay in places with snags, algae, places where there are underwater shelters. For example, even sections with a difference in depth from 50 cm to 1.5 meters will be the place where you can meet trophy rattan. The tackle itself is not unusual. Most often - this is a common winter fishing rod for a sheer spinner with a nod of moderate stiffness. The fishing line is usually 0.15-0.2 mm. In 90% of cases, perch bait is used as bait, just one hook is enough. Sometimes fishermen also put a large mormyshka, but the fore-end should be long, since the rotan deeply swallows the bait and after that it is easier to cut off the bait and attach a new one than to pull out the swallowed bait or mormyshka from its inside. With active biting, a rotan pecks on a tackle without bait, but if you offer him something edible (meat of rotan or other fish, perch fin, meat or chicken skin, fat, etc.), he will definitely not leave this without attention. The game with bait is very simple: lower the tackle to the bottom and start to “play”. You can make sharp jerks, you can slightly move the bait, you can simply copy the game with a jigsaw. All this will definitely work and bring its result. On our lakes we plant a piece of worm on the baubles. At the same time, we noticed that somewhere from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. a large rotan pecks, from 11-12 a bite of a middle rotan begins, and somewhere from half a second the pecker pecks again. There were days when the rattan did not peck. No, the catch was, but not to the extent that it happens in the best days of rotany fishing. To activate the biting of a rotan, you can put a smaller bait, for example a regular mormyshka. But, here it’s better not to yawn with hooking and snatching, otherwise you will have to torment yourself in order to extract the mormyshka out again.

In general, rattan fishing is very exciting and instructive. She teaches the fisherman attentiveness, endurance, the ability to stop in time. Indeed, most of us still go fishing for the sake of relaxation, and not for the sake of getting food ... In addition to everything else, rotan fishing makes even a novice feel like an ace in fishing, and believe me, sometimes it is very important. And an experienced fisherman, picking up a fish under 250-400 grams, is unlikely to remain indifferent to such fishing.

Here you have the rotan! By the way, the winter fishing season is already open ...

Good luck and all the best.

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