Overview of Akara spinners

Overview of the popular Akara Action Series spinners: Aglia 00, Aglia Tandem, Bell 2, Libra 2 and Akara Lite Series: Coin 1, Spin Bee 2. Description, where and how they work, who they catch?

Rotating spinners, which are simply called “turntables”, are one of the most successful artificial lures, because they have a unique game that is caused by the rotation of the lure's petal. In addition to active and attractive games for any predator, turntables also have high-frequency vibrations. And such fluctuations cause an inactive predator to attack, and attacks can be almost blind, in muddy water and at dusk, when pikes, perches and pikeperches receive signals from the movement of a potential victim with their sensitive side line. Bell spinners also have an acoustic background. The sound creates the core of the bait, similar to a bell.

Another positive feature of the turntables is the simplicity of conducting the bait in the water column, when special knowledge of secret postings is not required and you only need to try to spin the lure at the lowest possible speed, beyond which the bait falls into an uncontrollable corkscrew.

Pinwheel Akara Action Series Aglia 00

This pinwheel, named for the type of petal of such rotating spinners, belongs to the classic Akara lures. This spinner is a universal bait that can catch a predator in different conditions and in different water bodies. The large angle of attack of the Akara Action Series Aglia 00 turret allows the bait to be driven at minimum speed. In addition, the spinner has the ability to stay in a stable position on the flow without the use of winding, while sliding in a passive mode along the stream. This technique is often more effective than playing the bait in the active phase.

Size No. 00, weighs 1.5 g.

Pinwheel Akara Action Series Aglia Tandem

It is also an aglia spinner, which universally catches any predator in a wide variety of conditions . It has a stable game, both in stagnant water, and on the course. In this modification, this bait is a tandem, that is, the spinner is equipped with two petals No. 1 and No. 3 . This is a very active spinner with high-frequency oscillations, one might say, doubled in strength, since two petals work simultaneously. Therefore, the bait is very effective when catching an active predator.

The weight of the bait is 8 g.

Pinwheel Akara Action Series Bell 2

This pinwheel is one of the truly legendary Akara spinners, which is caused by their stability in the game and subtlety . These lures have already become popular with experienced anglers and novice spinners. This type of spinners is also called a “bell” for the shape and function of a special core that creates a noise background, which is achieved by the design features of this bait element.

Spinner size - No. 2, weight - 6 g.

Pinwheel Akara Action Series Libra 2

This bait is a novelty from the manufacturer of the brand Akara. A narrow and elongated petal of the “long” type, which has lower lifting force on the one hand than on the other, gives the bait the ability to start literally from the first centimeters of wiring. This bait is also popular with fishermen. The core is made in the shape of a fish and is replaceable. Core sizes: No. 1-3 .

Spinner size - No. 2, weight - 8 g.

Pinwheel Akara Lite Series Coin 1

This bait belongs to the class of ultralight turntables . The spinner has good balance, stably works on slow wiring and starts at the first turns of the coil. Reliably held on stream. In addition to catching explicit active predators, it works excellently on conditionally peaceful fish: roach, chub, ide. The fly can be called an additional irritant, attracting even sluggish and inactive fish.

The size of the bait is No. 1, and the weight is 3 g.

Pinwheel Akara Lite Series Spin Bee 2

Spin Bee 2 bait refers to light turntables equipped with a wide petal. It is characterized by stable operation, both in stagnant water and in the course. Moreover, the stability of the game is maintained when posting at different angles with respect to the direction of flow. Spoon was originally intended for catching salmon fish, but perfectly catches chub, ide, perch. A wide range of colorings creates the opportunity for fishing in a variety of fishing conditions and seasons. The bait is equipped with a single hook, which protects the lure from the hooks, and also allows you to graft twisters and other soft lures.

Size - No. 2, weight - 5.5 g.