Daiwa Exceler Coil

Inertialess reel for spinning "Daiwa Exceler" - description, specifications, model range. Common problems with these coils. Terms of use.

The Daiwa Exceler Spinning Reel is one of the most famous modifications of Daiwa reels. These are high-quality budget coils that relate to inertialess coils with front clutch.

The Daiwa Exceler Spinning Reel is an all-metal construction with low weight and high sensitivity. All these qualities complement reliability and high-quality performance, which is especially valuable for anglers.

Description of Exceler Coils

Daiwa uses the most advanced technology in the manufacture of fishing products. Daiwa Exceler spinning reels have a membrane that prevents the ingress of water and dust. When rotating the coil, there is no unnecessary noise, the rotation occurs smoothly. Exceler coils are made from strong yet lightweight materials.

Coils with front clutch are very sensitive and even respond to a jerk of small fish. The mechanical circuit is very reliable, it is also possible to control the winding speed.

“Exceler reels have a powerful drive and a modern design will satisfy even the most demanding angler.”


Coil spools are configured for maximum grip and power at different speed conditions, provide a decent casting distance and improve the friction clutch. A housing made of lightweight aluminum alloy ensures coil strength and long life. Closed bearings are protected by a special membrane, which completely eliminates the ingress of foreign substances. The roller bearing guarantees a complete stop. Bronze gears increase wear resistance.

The lineup

Exceler-S (S 1000, S 1500, S 2500, S 3000, S 3500, S 4000) - these coils have 2 aluminum spools, 4 bearings each, a folding handle, a cast rotor housing, weight from 255 to 400 grams. Friction clutch - from 2 to 6 kg. Small size suitable for ultra-light fishing.

Exceler-X (X 1000, X 1500, X 2500, X 3000, X 3500, X 4000) - one aluminum spool and one spare, 4 bearings, aluminum handle.

Exceler-Z (Z2500, Z3000, Z4000) - power coil, 2 spools - main and spare, 7 bearings, aluminum handle.

Exceler plus - 7 bearings, aluminum handle, fishing line, anti-twist fishing line.

Common problems

Fishermen note that there is a big backlash of the handle in Exceler coils, noise of the spool under heavy loads, incorrect work of the fishing line.

Over the past few years, many fishing tackle manufacturers have appeared on the market. Little-known firms produce cheap and low-quality products. Such small campaigns do not have funds for development, so they take a model of many years ago, copy it and sell it as a replica of the original coil. Naturally, the products are manufactured from poor quality materials and on the simplest equipment. So, cheap analogs of coils appear on the market, which in appearance are very difficult to distinguish from the original product. And only at work, the angler can understand what kind of product he bought.

“The best way to buy Exceler spinning reels is in specialist stores that have earned the trust of fishermen.”

Exceler Coil Operation Guide

  • The reel needs to be looked after, therefore, after each fishing trip, it must be lubricated with special grease.
  • When the bait is hooked, do not use the reel to release it.
  • Do not drop the coil, put it in dirt or sand.
  • In the presence of extraneous sounds in the coil, it must be disassembled and cleaned.
  • The friction brake must be loosened slightly after fishing.