Hogy Hog Edible Rubber

The article describes the fishing on the baits of Hogie Hog made of edible rubber.

Somehow, a stable stereotype has already developed, they say, from the lures for winter perch fishing, it’s enough to have in stock a few vertical spinners, balancers, a set of mormyshki for bloodworms and “beads”, several silicone baits. For a rustic prickly "sailor" this should be enough. In general, the way it is. Perch fails reliably in almost any weather and all winter, with the exception of periods of very nasty bad weather, when its nibble can be sluggish and short.

But modern perch is now completely spoiled, however, like all other fish. Take the pike perch ... If not so long ago he was caught on ordinary spinners, now the "sir" and his relative bersh are only willing to bite off bait with transplanted tulka. They also found a new “weapon” for catching perch.

Hogy hog

Not so long ago, two years ago, Lucky John introduced modern edible rubber baits to the fishing market, which they began to actively use for catching perches. Made of soft plastic, Hogy Hog lures have a very strange appearance . Despite the appearance reminiscent of either a scorpion, or cancer, or one or the other in one bottle, these baits became popular for catching pike, pike perch, and trout on the ponds.

All plastic parts of Hogie Hog, imitating tentacles, claws, legs, tails, are active . During the game with bait, these attributes of arthropods, mollusks and spiders wriggle and fluctuate under currents of water, which causes interest among predators, even if they are inactive. Therefore, during the periods of “deaf winter” and bad weather, these baits can be replaced by traditional spinners and balancers, which, as it happens, at that time there are no bites at all.

Now about the edibility of Hogy Hog lures ... The thing is that these Lucky John products contain sixty or more percent of various ingredients and flavors. The oil that covers these baits is thirty percent quantitatively. It is clear that the surface layer of the oily film will be washed off during fishing, but the smell and taste of the main ingredients will remain until the end of the fishing.

Making bait

Edible rubber plastic baits are usually made in different sizes, where 1.2 inches are used for perch fishing, and 1.6 inches for trout, pike and pike perch. These are the most common sizes of these baits. But in the process of fishing, if there is a need to catch on even smaller Hogs Hog, it is enough to cut off with a knife or even pinch off part of the moving parts. And the bait will become more miniature.

Colors Hogi Hog

There are differences in the coloring of these tricks. The standard set, which is presented in fishing catalogs of stores, consists of ten different colors and coloring, that is, from lures of bright aggressive colors to lures of calmly dull and slightly muffled soft tones with green and purple hues. Usually very noticeable and vibrant Hogs Hogs are used at the very beginning of fishing to attract fish to the hole, as well as in places with a high concentration of well-biting fish, where there is mass fishing. But sometimes the turn of complete calm comes, when the bites completely stop in the catchy holes. The fish becomes lethargic, inactive. It seems you can reel gear and pack up home. But if you switch to fishing with baits painted in soft muted tones, then it is quite possible that the bite will resume, and the same intensity that was at the beginning of successful fishing. The reason for the weakening of the bite could be that the fish got used to the bright baits and stopped responding to them. Or something has changed in water and atmospheric pressure as the weather changes. Fish has become less active. And the aggressively painted lures began to scare her away rather than attract her.

Taste of Edible Rubber

These edible rubber baits differ in taste. They have no special frills and sophisticated shades. There are two main tastes that mimic shrimp and cancer. True, expert fishermen note that shrimp does not seem to smell, but this is understandable. If you use them with onion, pepper, lavrushka and other aromatic additives, then we simply will never know the natural smell and taste of shrimp and cancer. But it is likely that the persistent and disciplined specialists of Lucky John, in the manufacture of their miraculous baits, did everything honestly and courageously, tasting raw and trembling shrimps and backing crayfish ... That’s why the natural taste is natural ... That’s why the deafening success of the Hogy Hog tricks ...

How to plant Hogie Hog

The edible rubber baits of Hogie Hog are worn on a hook, starting from the conditional head and ending with the hook tip being inserted into the conditional plastic belly of the bait, full of legs, suction cups, claws. When choosing mormyshki for such baits, one must take into account that a small and light mormyshka is not able to play normally with such a large massive bait. In addition, it is better if the mammoth hook is a little too large compared to the body of the bait.

Game bait

In the process of fishing on artificial baits from the so-called edible rubber does not require a very frequent and fractional game mormyshek. With smooth and unhurried movements of the bait, the possibilities of Hogi Hog are better revealed, when all these suction cups and tentacles begin to wriggle and wobble, causing excitement in the fish. You should also check not only the bottom layers of water, but also the average and even surface levels, where perches go out quite often in search of fry.