Jackall scissor comb

Description of the edible silicone bait Jackall Scissor Comb. What sizes and colors exist? Who is caught on this rubber?

This Japanese company is widely known among fishermen, since on its account many produced high-quality wobblers. But this year, she developed new silicone baits, one of which is Scissor Comb .

The edible novelty of Scissor Comb is not similar to any terrestrial insect. Rather, it resembles a fantastic creature with a flexible and mobile worm-shaped body, equipped with four pairs of paws, which are directed against the movement of the bait, tendrils, moving with each movement. One part resembles a butterfly pupa, and the second ends with a ribbed tail. The unusual design gives the artificial insect extra mobility.

Lure Sizes

Scissor Comb was produced in three different sizes:

Two and a half inches in size is designed to attract aquatic animals such as trout and perch .

More voluminous, the third size, is designed for not very large pike, zander or perch .

But the latest model, 3.5 inches in size, needs to be used for fishing weighty individuals.

Scissor Comb is made of a durable material that makes it flexible and durable, so even sharp teeth will be difficult to bite.

Color Options Scissor Comb

Models are presented in a wide color spectrum. You can purchase a bright, dark, two-tone and natural bait. There are ten colors in total.